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30 September 2013

In Tokyo # 4

Vending machines are everywhere in Japan ! Here's one at the Shibuya train station.

Tokyo metro

Whilst riding the Tokyo metro train could not help noticing how clean they were. Very efficient and on time!!!!!

Tokyo crossing

The famous footpath crossing at Shibuya , Tokyo...

Rail network Tokyo

In the area of Shibuya - Tokyo. ( the famous footpath crossing used in movies like the movie: Lost in Translation ) and in the Shibuya train station to workout how to get back to the hotel!
It was easy in the end and the locals are very helpful towards tourists...

In Tokyo # 3

Warning instructions and important safeguards on the use of the toilet in the hotel bathroom...

In Tokyo # 2

You know you're in Japan when the hotel bathroom contains one if these....

In Tokyo

Arrived in Tokyo.. At the Nikko Narita Hotel.. Very clean and close to the airport but the modern mid 60's bed side clock/ alarm looks out of place....

28 September 2013

Rolls in Hong Kong

Walking along the street on Hong Kong Island and came across a Rolls Royce Silver Seraph... Very nice car and one of the many Rolls' on the streets of Hong Kong...

22 September 2013

Piano player

Doing the evening stroll along the Koenig Street shopping / pedestrian area in Stuttgart and came across this guy playing piano.. It provided a lovely atmosphere .. Question is during the day no piano was did he get the piano there? Still it was very nice to listen to his excellent playing.

Afternoon tea

Stopped at the main beer garden in Schloss Garden , Stuttgart for an afternoon tea and rest.. Beer and Pommes ( hot chips ) were very good!

Electric car

Saw this electric car on charge in the city centre of Stuttgart...

21 September 2013

Porsche Museum # 2

One the earliest built 911's. It is in original condition and has the designer's signature in the boot of the car ( F A Porsche ).. This particular car was used in media coverage and calendars.

Porsche Museum # 1

This is the predecessor to the 911 Porsche. It is the T7. Designed by F A Porsche , this formed the design basis for the 911 design..

BMW Museum #6

The bonnet mascot on this Rolls Royce Ghost is Lalique Crystal! Great to have the £££,€€€,¥¥¥ or $$$ !

20 September 2013

BMW Museum # 5

Part of the motor cycle history at BMW Museum, Munich.

BMW Museum # 4

Clay model showing the latest 3 series BMW in development stage...

BMW Museum # 3

BMW 2002 display

BMW Museum #1

At the BMW Museum in Munich, Germany.. An amazing museum that shows off the BMW car / motor cycle and aero engine history.. Excellently displayed and the renovations to the museum took 4 years to complete. This particular car is a BMW 3.0 CSL competition racer from 1975...

BMW Museum # 2

Autobahn #2

On the Autobahn.. Munich to Stuttgart...


On the Autobahn A8 between Munich and Stuttgart....this was the " no speed limit " section.

Pig Museum #2

Tram car outside the the Pig Museum and "Schlacht Hof " restaurant , Stuttgart.. Tasteful decoration for the front of their restaurant ???

Pig Museum

Yes it's true!! A pig museum with a restaurant/ beer hall in Stuttgart , Germany.. Great food and large choice of beers plus what is known as the world's largest Pig Museum!

Orange train station

This is Marienplatz Train Station in central Munich - their main train station.. Very orange!! Also quite futuristic looking.

18 September 2013

More wurst.

Walking along in Munich in their famous fresh produce market...another Wurst shop...

Hofbrau Haus #4

Beer, more beer....

Hofbrau Haus #3

Outside view of the Hofbrau Haus

Hofbrau Haus Munich

Inside the famous Hofbrau Haus Munich..

Hofbrau Haus Munich

Inside the Hofbrau Haus Munich...

Pretzel for sale

At the world famous Hofbrau Haus beer hall on Munich .. Pretzels for sale to go with your stein of beer..

Wurst choice

Walking along in Munich and found this selection of wurst. ( sausage )....the choice of wurst is amazing and is their "fast food" on the go..

Frankfurt show

Mercedes Benz display at Frankfurt motor show..

Frankfurt motor show

This is not a rock concert.. It is at the Mercedes Benz hall at the 2013 Frankfurt motor show... It is a huge event spread out in the Frankfurt exhibition centre.

7 September 2013

Dungowan Village Fair & Old Machinery Day

Dungowan Village Fair & Old Machinery Day will be held on Sunday 6 October 2013 at the Dungowan Recreation Grounds.
Click here to go to KMC website for full details.

Monthly Meetings

  • There will not be a meeting on the first Monday of the month in October.....
  • The October monthly meeting will be held on Sunday 6 October 2013 at the Dungowan Show. It will start at about 12noon.
  • From the November meeting, the meeting start time will change to 7pm for the summer. The November meeting will be on Monday 4 November at 7pm at the Kootingal Hotel.

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