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4 August 2013

EJ Holden - All Holden Day

This very nice EJ was leaving and took a picture of it.. With 800 Holden's on display , this EJ was one of the many cars that I must have walked past and obviously didn't notice at first...

FJ ute - all Holden day 2013

A very nice example of an FJ ute.
This particular FJ wax in original condition inside and has been re -painted at some stage in its life...

Torana Hatch

Remember the famous Torana accessory: the " Hatch Hutch"!
A Torana Hatchback on display at the 2013 all Holden Day.

Ford at all Holden day 2

What's left of the Ford after emergency services showed their ability to remove a driver trapped in a car accident.... Perhaps at the all Ford day they use a Holden Commodore for the same purpose !

Ford at all Holden day

A not so very pristine example of a Ford Falcon EL or EF? Turning up to all Holden day...

All Holden Day 2013

KMC at All Holden Day 2013

HZ Holden owned by one of the club members displayed at the annual All Holden Day 4th August 2013 held at the Clarendon show grounds , Richmond NSW. There were 800 Holden's displayed at the all Holden day.

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