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27 August 2012

Run to Bob's Shed

KMC had a run down to Quirindi yesterday to visit Bob's Shed. Below are some photos of the morning.

 Some of the members enjoying the sun and a chat
 Race replica Torana.
 Another race replica Torana.
Memorabilia galore!
Member's cars at Bob's Shed

11 August 2012

Adhere to the sign

I will not live my items in my car but in Greece , well who knows ... That is why there are signs around the place !!!

3 wheeled speed machine #2

Saw that 3 wheeler today...
A bit full up in the back!!!
And a lot slower !!

The Escort again

The owner is very protective of their rare Ford Escort....

I hope no one is thinking " why bother locking it up "....

That Escort again

Front view of this Escort..
Paint and panel work required!

Yes it's an Escort!

You don't see many Ford Escorts of this vintage.
Perhaps a new paint job is required??

Pristine police car #2

A front view of the municipal police car... Yes a very used working vehicle for the city of Athens!

Pristine police cars!

Came upon this Athens Municipal Police Hyundai Elantra today...
Perhaps a wash and some panel work wouldn't go astray!!!
From what it looks , the very good policeman will do his civic duties after a Greek coffee or a refreshing " cafe Frappe" ( like an iced coffee)...

9 August 2012

3 wheel speed machine

Whilst holidaying in Athens, Greece this 3 wheeled speed machine delivery ?! contraption sped by.. Lots of noise and not much speed!
The road surface is sooo slippery so imagine that thing trying to stop in the wet with a full load.....

7 August 2012


At the August Monthly Meeting, it was decided to move the KMC Run to Bob's Shed to Sunday 26 August, as the run clashed with other events that members are planning on attending. The initial meeting place   is Kootingal Pool at 9am, and we are happy to collect people along the way : so far there will be a stop at Spains Lane and Duri-Dungowan Road. Please advise if you are planning on meeting us along the way. Our route will take us down the NE Highway to Wallabadah due to the roadworks on Werris Creek Road and the mess they will make to members' historic vehicles.

Thank you to all the members who attended the August Meeting and 2012 AGM, and also thank you to those members who were nominated for, and accepted, committee positions.

UPDATE : Our route will be Werris Creek Road, not the highway. After Kooty Pool, we will be meeting members on Bridge Street (McDonalds) and on WC Road (Lions Park). Please advise if you want to meet us elsewhere.

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