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24 July 2011

Automotive work of art

At the Moonbi-Kootingal Motor Show in March 2011, I happened to pass what would be regarded as automotive art on wheels !!!!

11 July 2011

Mini Moke

The Mini Moke: The rugged runabout with a thousand uses !!!

A gathering of Mokes... not one exactly the same !!!!

Sorry for the picture quality... can get a bit difficult to focus and be a passenger in a Moke at close to 100k/ph !!!

Nice place to stop for meal and refreshing ale !!

10 July 2011

Manilla Army Affair

Check the dozer.

Moonbi Motor Show

Case 500 still at work near Gunnedah

Case L at Baradine

Case c at moonbi 2007

Case C at Eulah ck 2009

Eulah ck 2009

Quirindi 2009

Baradine 2010

Baradine 2010

Manilla clubs Eulah ck rally 2009

Bren gun carrier powered by a side valve V8 Ford

6 July 2011

even more space stuff

Photos from the Kennedy Space Centre , Florida.......

Mission control for the Apollo space missions at Kennedy Space centre
Rocket Garden with Redstone, Titan and Mercury series rockets
Space shuttle static display

Staurn V rocket

more space stuff !!!

more photos from the Kennedy Space Centre near Orlando, Florida.....
Inside the cargo bay of the Space Shuttle -
Cockpit of the Space Shuttle

Stunning Car in Greece

This is a road registered Lada Favorit photographed on Crete. Superb condition.

Kootingal Pumpkin Festival 2011

The sun is shining from this beautiful FJs ar... (oops, armrest), along with other vehicles proudly displayed by KMC at the 2011 Kootingal Pumpkin Festival.

Mokes in Oak Creek

 Three sooks with their hoods up, near Limbri. If it's got a roof, it's not a real Moke :-) .

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