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26 June 2011

USA : Daytona/Orlando & New York City

Daytona Circuit with 2008 winning NASCAR Dodge Charger


Daytona Circuit with 2008 winning NASCAR Dodge Charger

Kennedy Space Centre : Command Module from Apollo 11 and rear of the Saturn 5 Rocket... Amazing !!!

Orlando: Chrome wheeled Cadillac

3 NYC Ford Crowne Victoria taxis: Columbus Circle, New York

NYPD "Interceptor"

Pontiac G8 New York

Some photos from a trip in 2009 by 2 KMC members to the USA : Daytona , Orlando and Kennedy Space Centre - Florida and New York City....enjoy!

25 June 2011

Surely some of our site viewers can add some interesting photos and or comment to ensure this blog becomes successful and share our common interest.

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Another 'F' truck one of many at Dubbo 2010.

One of many old trucks on full rego displayed at Dubbo golden oldies 2010.

More military Dubbo 2010.

One of two at Dubbo 2010.

Dubbo 2010.

Dubbo 2010.

The modern approach.Dubbo 2010.

Proudly as is.

Can't get enough oldies. Dubbo 2010.

Dubbo 2010.

One for Des.

Black is bold and beautiful.

A shining example of inter pride.

Dubbo 2010.

DUBBO 2010.

More gold, Dubbo 2010.

Once modern Trucking, Today's pride.

A Golden oldie Dubbo 2010.

Not enough old trucks being displayed, show them off.

24 June 2011

Maranello & St 'Agata Italy 2008

KMC Members Tour of Italy, 2008.
Some photos from the Ferrari &  Lamborghini museums on a trip to Italy in Nov 2008....
The Green FIAT 500 was NOT a museum peice.... just happenend to be visiting at Ferrari Museum !!

14 June 2011

Nz 2009

Rare,exceptionally restored MF 30, Quirindi 2011

LPG fueled M, Manilla 2011

Allis M, United/Trackson & HD41, Manilla 2011

The mighty VAL Manilla 2011


Fergie Airforce tugs were also painted white:MANILLA 2011

N.Z 2009



FIAT/ALLIS HD41 at 70 tons

At 70 tons BIG brother is watching----MANILLA 2011

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